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Hair Extensions

We offer the finest in European 100% Human Hair Extensions.  The extensions are applied in a simple, safe, and unique method for the most natural look and feel.  This allows you to have the hair of your dreams: thicker, fuller, longer, and healthier looking than ever.

Hair Extensions

Extension Removal: $50 per hour*
   *(Shampoo and Blowout are an extra charge)
Hair Extensions: Up to 16 inches, *$200 per row
Hair Extensions: 18-20 inches, *$225 per row
Hair Extensions: 22 inches, *$250 per row
Sides Up to 16 inches, *$100 per side
Sides: 18-20 inches *$110 per side
Sides: 22 inches *$120 per side
Hair Extension Consultation and Color Matching: $25*
   *(This is applied to final application if/when purchased.)

**Prices include Hair and Application but may not include Hair Cut and Shampoo/Blowout.
**Prices are subject to change depending on each client's volume and density of hair and may differ from prices listed here.
**A consultation is mandatory for an exact quote and color match; no exceptions please.